Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Holding Memories...

When alone in solitude
or when the mood is just not there,
The mind begins its wild process
in profound thought something I stare.

With feet firm on the ground
and head in a large grey cloud,
The mind within begins to travel
a journey to make the memories proud.

In this subtle trance I realize
the whole setup is like a feast,
Of memories that are linked up
I may not rejoice but accept atleast.

Memories begin to pour in
and I experience them without a blink.
It seems so amazingly real,
that in its pool I gradually sink.

I'd recall that rebellious kid in me
or those lovely moments at school.
Not a day would go without a prank,
of the teachers I'd make a fool.

Those completely carefree days.
It seemed I had wings to my feet!
I'd live life to its fullest,
and like a queen myself I'd treat!

And in the pursuit of my dreams,
those several mistakes I made.
The various things I learnt from them,
and the penalties that I paid.

That strife to find the answers,
would render satisfaction immense.
I'd struggle to follow my heart,
full of things that made no sense.

Those moments with a few good friends,
are so very close to my heart.
Those form a silver lining on the cloud
and I shall never let them part.

And the more you get a hold on them,
they move ahead driving you insane!
The bare reality appears stark before,
but the memories still remain...

I shrink back the with the thought,
that those moments just can't stay.
They come by playfully to tease you,
and then leave you come what may.

Like a perfect flower beyond your reach.
In a dark sky a peaceful moon.
Or the rainbow across the horizon,
Those moments have also gone too soon...

I am now back on my feet,
only to understand.
Though a part of me would feel void now,
I have the rest of my Life in hand!

MEMORIES come crashing through,
and smoothly sail away.
Those moments have gone a bit too soon,
But that's all that I can say...

~ Pri..


At 5:41 AM, Blogger As If said...

Life's there to pass away and we are there to enjoy everyday.

As you had said, 'Happiness is like a butterfly the more you run after it, it keeps flying away. Just wait and admire it, it'll come and sit on your shoulder'

So, do what you want to do, Do it now, don't wait for later and don't hold any regrets for what you have missed as life's too small for regrets.

Wish you many happy memories in life.

At 6:16 AM, Blogger Pri said...

Wowe! Words of wisdom...Hmmm...I wil remember Sir!For life! :-)

At 5:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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