Sunday, June 18, 2006

My Mom

Today its been 8 years since I lost my Mom. But her blessings and strength to live life to its Best come what may, will always remain with me. This poetry is in fond remembrance of her...

My Mom

She was a pillar of strength,
a pillar that would never collapse
My days cannot pass without remembering her
Even with the vast time lapse.

Her biggest ornament was her reassuring smile,
which she wore in the toughest times
Inspite of many a Up & Down,
she’d never loose hope & never would frown!

Her mirth we all required,
and she bathed us with smiles of glee.
She gave us all the liberties,
but efficiently held our family tree.

Our wishes were always fulfilled,
and to do so, to any extent would she go!
She was so responsible and understanding,
I will always follow the right path that she’s show.

She’d been an ideal woman,
be it as a MOTHER, a sister or a wife.
Never would anyone have a MOM like mine,
so beautiful and full of life.

I can now see her amongst the stars,
smiling through the clouds so high.
Praying to God for our well being,
and then waving us a sweet goodbye.

So lovable and kind was she,
her memories will always remain.
They will forever be cherished,
and none in the world can replace the same.

She was the bravest warrier,
in the battle field of life.
Without her around anymore,
life feels like a perpetual strife…


Saturday, May 27, 2006


Hey All!

M backkk with another creation after a loooong hibernation!! But not being too modest, I'd say this is one of my best ones (Thts coz I dnt hav too many good ones) :-)) This ones originated coz of an exceptional inspiration I got from nature itself...precisely the "SUN" which burns whole of the day & brightens up our lives by ever smiling down down upon us! The down side is tht I havnt been able to name it as yet...So if any one of u wld like to contribute towards tht, ur welcome...Thnx!Hope ul like it...


Look the Sun is setting,
as though marking its defeat.
Dying into the horizon,
after completing a brilliant feat!

It had been the cynosure,
an element of magnificent intensity.
But now as the vigor departs,
I look into the sky with pity.

Left back with a shaken spirit,
that I try hard to jostle against.
Groping away in the dark,
suddenly an ebbing light I sensed!

For just as I almost permitted,
myself to surrender.
It rose again with a glorious shine,
and a vibrant new energy to render.

At daybreak it gradually showed up,
however much the night tried to prolong.
With an incipient gleam that grows with time,
to play again its uninterrupted song.

(An alternative to the previous phara:-
At daybreak it gradually showed up,
reappearing in the far east.
With an incipient gleam that grows with time,
certainly to the eyes a feast!)

And even when it had set,
it sank with dignity and grace.
Creating a beautiful twilight,
amidst the subtle darkness to trace.

So yes the Sun sets,
but never to depart.
Only to rise again,
with prospects of a fresh new start!

It rises to the occasion,
of yet another day.
I’d sit and pray to God,
and I would hear God say.

It rises to the promise,
of yet another tomorrow.
It profusely shares its brilliant light,
so cheerful and free from sorrow.

Unvanquished it remains,
it teaches us never to frown.
It emerges from the darkest tunnels,
and then upon us it ever smiles down!


Friday, March 24, 2006

One fine morning...

Hi All!

I m back with one another “innovative” creation coming right out of my mind!! And innovative bcoz such stuff cld be written ONLY by me!! :-)) Jokes apart, this ws written by me long time back wen “one fine morning” I wake up only to know tht I wld be getting inspired by just a walk on t terrace! The inspiration probably ws not enough for me to write a great piece of work & rather I come with this write-up to continue to torture u poor souls! So I suggest u must read in between the lines too! :-))


One fine morning
as the sun rose high,
I knew I had to wake
And so I did with a sigh!!

Thinking of a strenuous day
which lay ahead of me,
I woke up & sat on the bed
waiting for my morning tea.

And then I rested in profound thought
as my body felt a bit sore.
But I had to feel better
for little did I know what nature had in store!!

I went up to the terrace
to have a brisk morning walk,
When my eyes fell on a barrel
full of grains kept in stock.

I picked up a few handfuls of them
and spluttered it on the ground,
& to my shock within no time
several little birds all over I found!!

And as they pecked on the grains
it was a lovely scene!!
To see together a flock of birds
so innocent and so keen!!


Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Hi All,

Heres one of my utterly stupid but MOST innocent attempts at writing...Hope u dnt end up in tears urself :-) But wid a promise tht the better stuff is yet to come I allow u to proceed to read. Plss bear wid it :-)))


At times during solitude
Or when we are sad,
We are overcome by an emotion
Which I'm sure everyone has had.

And to display this emotion
Which within us does lie,
We actually do not intend to,
But a pearl is shed from the eye.

As it trickles its way down the cheek
Eventually making it wet,
All the more sympathy do we seek
& more attention we get.

It floods the eye with just a thought
& however helplessly do we try,
It just cannot be fought.

As it rolls further down your cheek,
You know your vulnerability is at its peak.
And this little pearl that is glittering & clear,
Is what we know as a modest little tear.

And then we realize the modesty that it has shown,
When that little tear has completely gone…


Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Holding Memories...

When alone in solitude
or when the mood is just not there,
The mind begins its wild process
in profound thought something I stare.

With feet firm on the ground
and head in a large grey cloud,
The mind within begins to travel
a journey to make the memories proud.

In this subtle trance I realize
the whole setup is like a feast,
Of memories that are linked up
I may not rejoice but accept atleast.

Memories begin to pour in
and I experience them without a blink.
It seems so amazingly real,
that in its pool I gradually sink.

I'd recall that rebellious kid in me
or those lovely moments at school.
Not a day would go without a prank,
of the teachers I'd make a fool.

Those completely carefree days.
It seemed I had wings to my feet!
I'd live life to its fullest,
and like a queen myself I'd treat!

And in the pursuit of my dreams,
those several mistakes I made.
The various things I learnt from them,
and the penalties that I paid.

That strife to find the answers,
would render satisfaction immense.
I'd struggle to follow my heart,
full of things that made no sense.

Those moments with a few good friends,
are so very close to my heart.
Those form a silver lining on the cloud
and I shall never let them part.

And the more you get a hold on them,
they move ahead driving you insane!
The bare reality appears stark before,
but the memories still remain...

I shrink back the with the thought,
that those moments just can't stay.
They come by playfully to tease you,
and then leave you come what may.

Like a perfect flower beyond your reach.
In a dark sky a peaceful moon.
Or the rainbow across the horizon,
Those moments have also gone too soon...

I am now back on my feet,
only to understand.
Though a part of me would feel void now,
I have the rest of my Life in hand!

MEMORIES come crashing through,
and smoothly sail away.
Those moments have gone a bit too soon,
But that's all that I can say...

~ Pri..

Rumblings of my Idle mind....

Hi All,
Jus created som space wherin i cld register my random thots which I'd rather call as Colors of my mind, that i've been penning down all these years in poetic form...May sound damn amateurish to som :-) but to me they still are competent enuf to turn me nostalgic!..Tc & Bfn!!