Sunday, June 18, 2006

My Mom

Today its been 8 years since I lost my Mom. But her blessings and strength to live life to its Best come what may, will always remain with me. This poetry is in fond remembrance of her...

My Mom

She was a pillar of strength,
a pillar that would never collapse
My days cannot pass without remembering her
Even with the vast time lapse.

Her biggest ornament was her reassuring smile,
which she wore in the toughest times
Inspite of many a Up & Down,
she’d never loose hope & never would frown!

Her mirth we all required,
and she bathed us with smiles of glee.
She gave us all the liberties,
but efficiently held our family tree.

Our wishes were always fulfilled,
and to do so, to any extent would she go!
She was so responsible and understanding,
I will always follow the right path that she’s show.

She’d been an ideal woman,
be it as a MOTHER, a sister or a wife.
Never would anyone have a MOM like mine,
so beautiful and full of life.

I can now see her amongst the stars,
smiling through the clouds so high.
Praying to God for our well being,
and then waving us a sweet goodbye.

So lovable and kind was she,
her memories will always remain.
They will forever be cherished,
and none in the world can replace the same.

She was the bravest warrier,
in the battle field of life.
Without her around anymore,
life feels like a perpetual strife…