Saturday, May 27, 2006


Hey All!

M backkk with another creation after a loooong hibernation!! But not being too modest, I'd say this is one of my best ones (Thts coz I dnt hav too many good ones) :-)) This ones originated coz of an exceptional inspiration I got from nature itself...precisely the "SUN" which burns whole of the day & brightens up our lives by ever smiling down down upon us! The down side is tht I havnt been able to name it as yet...So if any one of u wld like to contribute towards tht, ur welcome...Thnx!Hope ul like it...


Look the Sun is setting,
as though marking its defeat.
Dying into the horizon,
after completing a brilliant feat!

It had been the cynosure,
an element of magnificent intensity.
But now as the vigor departs,
I look into the sky with pity.

Left back with a shaken spirit,
that I try hard to jostle against.
Groping away in the dark,
suddenly an ebbing light I sensed!

For just as I almost permitted,
myself to surrender.
It rose again with a glorious shine,
and a vibrant new energy to render.

At daybreak it gradually showed up,
however much the night tried to prolong.
With an incipient gleam that grows with time,
to play again its uninterrupted song.

(An alternative to the previous phara:-
At daybreak it gradually showed up,
reappearing in the far east.
With an incipient gleam that grows with time,
certainly to the eyes a feast!)

And even when it had set,
it sank with dignity and grace.
Creating a beautiful twilight,
amidst the subtle darkness to trace.

So yes the Sun sets,
but never to depart.
Only to rise again,
with prospects of a fresh new start!

It rises to the occasion,
of yet another day.
I’d sit and pray to God,
and I would hear God say.

It rises to the promise,
of yet another tomorrow.
It profusely shares its brilliant light,
so cheerful and free from sorrow.

Unvanquished it remains,
it teaches us never to frown.
It emerges from the darkest tunnels,
and then upon us it ever smiles down!